Fantasy Realm Online Wiki

Fantasy Realm Online is a sandbox style MMORPG that blends many of the classic aspects of single player rpgs and a massive multiplayer game. The world can be explored as a brave adventurer that allows you to battle opponents, collect treasures and build your character through quests and combat experiences. You can also explore the world as a merchant, apprentice under shop keepers, mine mountains for precious metals and chop through forests for rare woods, even craft items for other adventurering players!

Whether your someone who prefers the feel of a single player rpg or a classic sandbox style MMORPG, there is something for you to experience in our world of Moon Haven! Players can enjoy playing by themselves or in groups, the experience of Fantasy Realm Online scales to whatever you like. While many of our quests are geared to a single player, you can always party with a few friends to help you.

Are you a pvper or someone that really enjoys customizing your character stats? Then this is your game with a very open pvp system and with nearly endless amounts of character configurations to try with loads of magical items to influence your stats and skills.

So why not come live in our world of Moon Haven and explore what it has to offer! Come and enjoy a game where new content is constantly being developed and a story is unfolding before you.

About Moon Haven[ | ]

Moon Haven is a world approaching a prophetic apocolypse predected roughly a hundred years prior though many of its people are oblivious to the prophecy itself they are starting to take notice to the increasing evil presense of undead around them. While the undead always existed deep within caves and the underworld, they have just begun to appear on the surface at night. It was said that the moon would be their chains to the world beneath but now it appears the moon's strength is weakening.

You will enter Moon Haven and be pulled into the story through quests, combat, and interactions with other players/non-players. Early during the development of your character you will be confronted to pick a side either good or evil by which you will receive special skills, benefits and have an oppurtunity to experience different quests as well as different parts of the game. Players of good and evil will continually clash over territory and play vital roles in the development of the story.

The goal of the Moon Haven world is to combine popular concepts used in single-player-rpgs (such as unique quests) and online-rpgs (such as PvP combat). The game provides a view similar to other popular third person RPGs such as Diablo, The Ultima Series, and Eschalon but at the same time maintains its own unqiue feel. You can read more about game-play in the players guide.

Features[ | ]

  • Enjoy Cool Special Effects: Every effect in the game has had many hours put into it to provide a visually cool appearance so you can enjoy the effects even though your character may not when a gigantic dragon is breathing fire down his neck.
  • Master Powerful Spells: Over 75 spells are already in the works spread across 3 different character classes! The magic system in Moon Haven will offer more and more spells as the game develops each character is only limited by their knowledge. The unique spell system places more strategy into the game as you must pick a limited amount of spells to take with you into battle at any one time.
  • Defend Towns and Cities: Defend towns and cities from invading orcish forces. Moon Haven will feature a unique territory conquest system, that really allows some towns, forts, castles and areas to be taken over during the latter stages of the game.
  • Explore The Underworld: Explore overrun mines, crypts and dungeons, find treasures as you battle frightening fiends of the underworld, just dont forget your torch!
  • The Dead Comes Out at Night: Battle zombies, ghouls, ghosts and skeletons at night, and then watch them perish in the wake of the morning light but beware as the Moon Haven story continues the dead gain strength and immunity to the light. Be sure to pay close attention to the day in the moon cycle as it may influence the strength of your enemy.
  • Ally with the Forces of Good or Evil: Join with the forces of good or evil, to receive special skills that will help defeat the opposite side. Both sides also provides you with unique questing oppurtunities and a chance to influence the story line of Moon Haven. The Moon Haven allegiance system provides an exciting way to experience PvP combat as PvP is a major part of the game experience!
  • Realistic Weather System: It rains, snows, gets foggy, thunders and lightnings in Moonhaven with moving weather paterns and storms. The weather and time of day may effect many things such as creature spawn combat damage and chance to it. It also provides for a beautiful environment!
  • Level Up! Build your character the way you want without an over complicated skill system. Moonhaven implements a guided skill system that proivdes your character with unique skill sets to your character class and choices for new skills as you gain levels. Assign status and skill points for each level you gain.
  • Buy and Sell Goods From Merchants: Adventure to far off towns and cities buying and selling goods that you may need for the journey that lies ahead of you. Moonhaven offers a simple intuitive interface to buy, sell and talk to NPCs, simply double click on any merchant npc and up pops a menu that guides you through the whole process.